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Positioning of “Indian Chartered Accountant” as a “brand” worldwide for generating more professional avenues for ICAI members on key forums and various distribution channels and to make the Indian Chartered Accountancy Profession recognised to be the valued Trustees of World Class Financial Competencies, Good Governance and Competitiveness



The mission is to assist ICAI to fulfill its functions
and obligations in respect of its members in
Luxembourg and Europe. This will include the following -

  • To provide value-added programs to members through which they can obtain their required Continuing Professional Education Education (CPE) hours.
  • To provide information to our members to understand the changes in the Economy/Business Environment, business and organization structures, developments
    in industry sectors, new Government policies,
  • To provide a forum to share professional expertise among us.
  • To be the preferred body for advice in matters regarding the Finance and Accounting profession in Luxembourg.
  • To provide our members professional and placement opportunities in Luxembourg or any other place in the world. To promote holistic development of members including professional and communication skills, community service and personality development.
  • To defend and represent the professional interests, to offer suggestions for improvement of the standards and status of the profession of accountant with ICAI.
  • To assist ICAI in creating practical training facilities abroad for students of ICAI and also in locating suitable venues for the examination centers.