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chairman message

CA. Anjani Ladia

“My Dear Professional Colleagues”,


It is my honour to be nominated as the Founding Chairman of the newly established Managing Committee that came into place from 5th June 2020.

I am happy to inform you that our members have nominated the following members of the Managing Committee as office bearers (Board of Directors) for initial term of 2020-23:

Mr. Anjani Ladia – Chairman

Mr. Arun Somani – Vice Chairman

Ms. Rashmi Kathuria – Treasurer

Ms. Jyoti Gupta – Secretary

Mr. Saksham Rohatgi – Member of BOD

Ms. Purnima Anand – Member of BOD


Indian Chartered Accountant Institute is the largest accounting body in the world, and you would agree with me that it is one of the powerful one too in influencing the direction of accounting & taxes not only in India but overseas too. This year in 2020, ICAI celebrates 72 years of its contribution to accounting backbone to India. As a proud Chartered Accountant our members are contributing to many big companies across the world. The membership of our Alma Mater has given us the edge to stand up to the global community proudly with our solid foundation.


As of today ICAI has 36 foreign chapters and Luxembourg Chapter is one of the strategic chapters which is based in 2nd Largest financial services centre of the world with access to unlimited resources.

The Managing Committee team has pledged to continue the mission of ICAI to spread the brand CA across the globe. Our Institute has entered into many MOUs with prominent Accounting bodies across the world.

We have also pledged to increase our members interaction with goal to increase the active membership of our association. This will be done by doing more interesting member events and focusing on the quality of these events with guests speaker from not only from Luxembourg but from around the world.

I would like to invite you to please join the ICAI Luxembourg Chapter. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss anything or have any ideas or suggestions.